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this may be an oversimplification...

...but I'm willing to risk it.

On the way to Mom's to help her with some stuff around the house, before getting on the train, I was skimming the SF Weekly. Used to be a much more fun paper to read until they removed the personals section. Regardless of how bad a mood I was ever in...a quick skim of them would either get me giggly or scare the bejeebus outta me.

Either way, whatever had me down previously would be the furthest thing from my mind.

Still, the Savage Nation is usally funny to read. There was this one guy complaining about something and he used an amusing visual image of the Pope and that got me to thinking.

The Christian faith at large, not all of and certainly not limited to it, has a rather big thing against homosexual marriage, gays in general, and obviously transgenders and transvestites. From the lowest of the low to the highest of the high these folks are generally viewed as bad and wrong and sinful get the idea.

The funny thing if that regardless of the denomination or disparate branching of the faith, they largely take their heading from that guy in Rome that lives in the Vatican; the Pope. This is particularly interesting considering that most days, possible all as I can't picture the current or his predecessors in jeans, the Pope is wearing a dress.

Okay, technically I assume the outfit has a specific name other than something so feminine but looks like a dress. It doesn't help that the current guy seems to have a perpetually lecherous expression on his face, regardless of mood, but we've got a guy in a dress making decisions on the wrongness of men that like dressing as women...

...partially. The stance is against homosexuals as a whole and not just the transvestites but still.

Something wonky this way comes.

Okay, that my 2¢...go back to whatever you were doing.
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